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This apartment is in a minimalist style, white colors, without unnecessary clutter, but is still cozy and welcoming.
Luxury, modernity, elegance in a two bedroom apartment at the center of Sofia City. The feeling of a luxury hotel is complemented by modern and clean lines.
Who says minimalism is boring? A project endured in minimalist style but fun, vibrant, playful, close to nature.
Special Mention Award - in category Excellent Architecture - German Design Awards 2021
First prize - House of the Year 2019 - Ideal Home
Finalist - Dibla Design Awards 2019
On the cover of the magazine - Ideal Home, November 2019
Avant-Garde mix of modernism and contemporary aesthetics
A nostalgic mood in a contemporary home
Combining shiny accents with the warmth of the wood together with the ease of the home comfort
Second prize - House of the Year 2017 - Ideal Home
Publication in a magazine - Ideal Home, 2017
A concept of concrete and wood with a strong minimalist feel
With love for the wood in the carpenter's house
Life and personal sound in the modern space
Soft shapes and contrasting colors, creating a sense of tranquility and splendor
Small chick and modern apartment with some classical and stylish elements

What We Do

  • Complete Interior Design
  • Functional and Aesthetical Arranging of the Interior Space
  • Individual 3D Project
  • Preparation of detailed working drawings - reconstruction, plumbing, wiring and more
  • Furnishing the original design solutions
  • Providing furniture offers, lighting and more
  • Budgeting and monitoring compliance with the established budget
  • Quality Control


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