Interior design Avantgarde modernism

Special Mention
In category Excellent Architecture - German Design Awards 2021
Frist Prize
In the category Residential Interior, House of the Year 2019, Ideal Home
In category Residential Interior, Dibla Design Awards 2019

Living space

Contemporary, art, vibrant, playful are the words to describe this apartment.
The exposed concrete ceiling is a distinctive architectural feature witch sets the tone for a definitely modern interior. On top of this rough ceiling there is a mix of shapes, finishes and vibrant colors.
The decorative cement stucco on the hallway and library corner is repeated on the column, which conceals wiring and pluming, also brings a soft and earthy feeling in an otherwise modern and art atmosphere.
The accent teal colored wall is left without art on purpose so the magnificent chandelier with mechanically bent tubes can stand out. The chandelier itself appears to be a kind of a modern avantgarde art piece and defines the whole space. Its strong geometric shape is balanced by the soft curved lines of the sofa.
The dining area is rather small, but again stylish and elegant. An interesting solution are the two bent lights, which shape the avantgarde and graceful vibes from this zone. The wallpaper is with non intrusive geometrical pattern, complementing the curved forms in this area, but still very well corresponding with the wavy lines of the chandelier in the neigbouring living area.

The kitchen is spaceous modern with lots of cabinets and space to stow away home cookware, designed by Irena.
Focal points becoms the black & white wall with naive goemetrical patterns, some roughly outlined and with irregular shape aiming to break the strict line and to slightly bring a catchy effect. Botique marble imported from Italy has been chosen for a countertop, which is continued to the floor on one side, which completes the asymmetric plan for the kitchen area, but still it brings the feel of luxury and elegance.
A spacious home office area is a must have. The vertical wood boards that divide the living area from the cabinet is not only a functional but a decorative element too. It repeats the wooden beam cladding at the building facade and sets a vertical line in the interior, visible also in the metal framed libraries, creating a certain rhythm in the space.

Master suite

All the shapes in the apartment are selected to be soft and curved, but balanced with a modern geometric lines to bring in harmony but also a feel of a modern space.
In the bedroom the designs intent was to achieve a restful and serene atmosphere, but elegant too. We brought in the feel of nature through a floral wallpaper chosen in dark tones, while the bedroom appears light and sunny with large whole walled windows. The wood paneling on the wall is forming a geometric shape witch is a certain element of interest with a slightly hypnotizing effect.

Guest bathroom and floor plan

3D Project

Designer: Irena Rumen