Desert Modernism

Architectural Design

This project is a concept design for a beach hotel lobby on Crete island. Architectural design, Interior design and Product design are by Studio Interio.
The architectural style is desert modernism. The building is a single story structure, large and spacious, with big windows to accentuate the surrounding nature and a dramatic roof shade supported on an avant-gard black steel buttresses. The style distinctive material on the exterior design is wooden patterned sunshades serving to partly stop the heat and the light to come in, but also as a drama element, playing with light and shadows. Natural stone is giving place to stone texture slabs instead as a modern, resistant and easy to care material.
The large scale slabs used as a cladding on the facade with its old metal patina texture is a certain modern accent that gives the building a distinctive and dramatic look.

Interior & Product Design

The ceiling is exposed concrete, lowered in places to define the spaces. The interior is in minimalist style, depending on natural stone like textured slabs mixed with concrete ones and certain wood accents. The color palette is neutral earthy tones.
Straight minimalist lines of the furnishing in terrazzo, stone, patina metal and marble are mixed in harmony in order to define the specific character of the space. Natural surfaces are complemented by luxurious marble furniture at the reception, standing like a precious piece of jewel, giving the space a complete and surprising look.
Architecture & Design: Irena Rumen