Leisure Geometrism

Geometric, but leisure lines

Geometric lines, but leisure, make the space light and airy. Diagonal lines are the most visible in the space, that set the informal and cosy atmosphere. The diagonal, complemented by the semi-circular form seen on the wallpaper and in the bathrooms too, convey a sense of calm and comfort. Asymmetrical balance is seen in the living area, which intensify the leisure and casual atmosphere in that zone. Strong geometric and vertical lines are softened by oval shapes.

The metal screens in the dining room and in the bedroom are painted in bronze and anthracite respectively, are individually designed by the studio and custom made for this interior project by local metal craftsmen. They are inspired by the original Shoji doors and screens in traditional Japanese architecture, but interpreted in a modern asymmetrical way to give the space a certain character and individuality.
Iconic Design Awards 2023 - Special
In the category of Innovative Interior Design
Designer: Irena Rumen