Interior design Modern Minimalism

Second Prize
2018, House of the past Year, Ideal Home

Apartment in Vitosha, Sofia

The apartment is in a minimalist style, but interpretated in a contemporary look, with modern color accents. The concept of interior design is concrete and wood in a minimalist and zen feeling. Handmade plaster plays a key role in the interior design of the living room, as well as the whole home, which brings an atmosphere of earthiness and naturalism in the design.
Playing with natural light, which abounds in the whole home, is a key element in the preparation of the interior design of the living room, determining the natural choice of colors, materials, textures and shades.
The fireplace, forming a certain cube in the space, is a certain accent and an element that attracts attention and together with the natural fire brings that warm feeling of home coziness, often sought after in interior design. It houses a small library on the office side and thus the interior designer makes the most of the available space.
A key moment in the design of the kitchen is the countertop and the sink, made of composite material designed by an interior studio, as well as the position of the sink itself, chosen in a specific place, revealing the magnificent view of Vitosha Mountain. The kitchen absorber, hidden in a mirror box, leaves the feeling of concealment and fluidity of space.
The bedroom again emphasizes the Zen aesthetics of minimalism, incorporating the naturalness of colors and materials, and the simplicity and elegance of geometric shapes. The message of interior design is for calm, earthy feel, naturalism, in an elegant and refined way.
The interior doors throughout the apartment are custom made to the ceilings, with special light milled oak veneer and dug-in handles, and complement the Zen atmosphere and the message of natural minimalist interior design.

In the master bathroom to the master bedroom the interior design again relies on warmth and naturalness of tones, colors, textures and shades.

3D Project

Designer: Irena Rumen