Modern Minimalism

Second Prize
House of the Year 2017, Ideal Home

Apartment in Vitosha, Sofia

Second Prize House of the year 2017 award

The apartment concept is "wood and concrete". The natural sunlight is being emphasised, which fills the entire living room and warms the cold presense of the concrete. This achieves balance and harmony through natural earth tones and nuances. The plaster is a masterful work of an experienced graftsman who recreated the natural and porous texture of the concrete, the joints are also made by hand.

The fireplace that forms a single cube in the area and becomes a center of attention and housed on one side a neat, embedded library, part of the office area.
The kitchen hood is hidden in a mirror box that creates the illusion of transparency, where the notion is as if it adds more space instead of taking it away.

The position of the kitchen sink is carefully chosen to be in front of the corner window, revealing a magnificent view of Vitosha Mountain.
The bedroom is emphasized exclusively on the Zen aesthetics of minimalism, incorporating the "naturalness" of colors and materials, complemented by the simplicity and fineness of geometric shapes.

In the bathroom to the main suite the focus is warmth and earth through natural textures.
Designer: Irena Rumen