Interior design Vibrant Minimalism

Apartment in Simeonovo

Who says that The Minimalism must be boring? In this apartment, whose original purpose is to rent, the owner's desire is for a strongly minimalist interior, but not sterile, boring, monotonous. The interior design is sustained in a minimalist style, but fun, lively, playful, with elements of close to nature.
The interior design goes beyond the touchy geometric shapes and cool colors characteristic of the minimalist style. On the contrary, interior design successfully combines unexpected color accents, shapes and textures, but corresponding to each other in harmony and balance.
The feeling of unity in nature is sought by the Japanese minimalist style, provoked by the rough natural forms, textures and sensations, and the colors are warm, soft and woody. The shapes are structured and geometric, but at the same time elegant in their simplicity.

3D Project


The bedroom is sustained in a minimalist style, in deliberately dark colors suitable for relaxation, and white is an elegant addition to the overall interior design. The vertical cut off at the wall breaks the monotony and creates a kind of playfulness in the overall interior design of the bedroom.
Designer: Irena Rumen