Retro chic

The interior design of a house follows the same principles and rules as the interior design of an apartment, but due to its scale it suggests the possibility for the interior designer to create large and comfortable areas in an open space.
The nostalgic effect of the past is sought. round and retro shapes typical of the 60s of the last century, but intertwined in an interior with a pronounced modern and contemporary look.
The two parallel tufted sofas are a kind of accent in the space, with their exquisite eye-catching shapes, they bring a certain weight to the overall interior. To make the interior design light and ethereal, white it was deliberately chosen to take some of the weight off these two massive and complex-shaped objects.
White and warm shades are a deliberate choice in the interior design to make the whole space light, fresh and neutral, giving the opportunity to emphasize the elegant and round shapes.

Floor plan

The floor plan undergoes a huge structural change by moving walls and building new windows, completely changing the appearance of the house itself and paving the way for a completely new, functional and aesthetic layout of the interior space.
Designer: Irena Rumen