Interior design Modern Hollywood

An apartment in Boyana

Modernism, combined with classics of design, splendor and luxury are references to a modern interpretation of the brilliance of Hollywood. The glamorous surfaces evoke luxury, soft and round shapes are well combined in a distinctly contemporary interior with geometric and modern lines.
The two highlights in this interior are the exquisite chandelier, a classic from the mid-50s in the world of design and the enlarged abstract, black and white picture above the sofa. Different in their essence, the two types of accents set a unique look and character of the respective relaxation areas.
The kitchen, located at the bottom of the room, is in the darkest and unlit part of the living space. However the choice of white color, glossy and glossy surfaces and the characteristic elegant chandelier turn this area into a welcoming space, located in sound and harmony with the overall interior design.
Designer: Irena Rumen