Living Luxury

Luxury Style at the city center of Sofia

This apartment shows that Luxury Style is possible in small spaces, thanks to the use of skillful design techniques tailored to the size, lighting, height of the ceilings and more.

The Living Room

The kitchen

The master bathroom

The master bathroom is in a typical Luxury Style, offering a lot of splendor and glamor. Here the modern elements are not missing, in addition to it as well.
The guest restroom also contains a laundry room, while there is a play with interesting and extravagant color solutions that do not require a large budget.

Behind the teal panels is a service room, as well as the boiler that supplies both bathrooms.

The entry

Laguna Sofa

The Laguna corner sofa is specially designed and constructed as a design by Studio Interio and Irena Rumen for this apartment. The sofa combines elegant and modern lines with the softness of velvet and the luxury of quilting.

Floor Plan

Designer: Irena Rumen