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Luxury Style at the city center of Sofia

This apartment shows that Luxury Style is possible in small spaces, thanks to the use of skillful design techniques tailored to the size, lighting, height of the ceilings and more.
White is preferred in luxury interior design, as it is associated with brilliance and light, but other accent colors can be used, such as black for a more modern and intriguing look.
The window is skillfully inscribed and integrated into the interior design of the living room, becoming part of a series along with the two exquisite paintings around it. The decorative trim on the wall is a sign of aristocracy in the interior design, but used in a modern and chic way.
Orange is a great example of how to bring modernity and playfulness to a luxury interior, as is often the request to the interior designer when designing a luxury interior. Thus, interior design is spiritual, personal and private, not too abstract and cold.
Symmetry is a basic principle in the luxury interior design to achieve a more formal and austere atmosphere and speaks in itself of aristocracy and elegance. Symmetrical balance is the main technique in the design of a luxurious interior.
Velvet, luxurious wallpapers, glamorous details set the feeling of a luxurious, exclusive hotel-like bedroom.
The master bathroom is in a typical Luxury Style, offering a lot of splendor and glamor. Here the modern elements are not missing, in addition to it as well.
The guest restroom also contains a laundry room, while there is a play with interesting and extravagant color solutions that do not require a large budget.

Behind the teal panels is a service room, as well as the boiler that supplies both bathrooms.

3D Interior Design Project

The Living Room

The kitchen

White color is predominant in luxury interior design, as it is associated with brilliance and light. Glossy surfaces, polished to a mirror marble are mainly used in luxury interior design, which literally should shine, as light, shine and splendor are its main characteristics.

The master bathroom

Baby room

The baby room will of course undergo transformations in the future, but still designing and thinking about the more spacious cabinet furniture, it is thought that they should meet the future needs of the grown child. In this case, the wardrobe contains a section, which is planned to take over the function in the future for studying.
The colors are soft and muted, and with tiny color variations the space for a boy or a girl can be successfully defined.
Variation of the baby room: the first option is universal, while the second is suitable for a girl.

The entry

Laguna Sofa

The Laguna corner sofa is specially designed and constructed as a design by Studio Interio and Irena Rumen for this apartment. The sofa combines elegant and modern lines with the softness of velvet and the luxury of quilting.

Floor Plan

Designer: Irena Rumen