Luxurious style in interior design

Luxurious style in interior design
Luxurious style in interior design | Source: Studio Interio
When the desire expressed to the interior designer is for a luxury interior, then there are many techniques and elements which she can use. In this case, the interior design relies on surfaces, textiles, materials and colors. Glossy surfaces and mirrors are the main features of luxury interior design, which literally should sparkle, as the light, shininess and splendor are its main features.
In the luxurious interior, the interior designer relies on the abundance and splendor of textiles and shapes. Velvet and draperies, luxurious silk wallpapers or those with glamorous details, skillfully and well selected, are often used techniques by interior designers.
White is preferred in luxury interior design, as it is associated with brilliance and light, but other accent colors such as royal blue, green and red can be used, which are a sign of luxury and aristocracy.
Luxurious style in interior design
Luxurious living room style | Source: Studio Interio
Of course, modern trends in interior design are the eclectic, non-standard and at first glance antagonistic use of elements, colors, etc., so an experienced interior designer can reach to the use of other colors in luxury interior design, such as black for a more modern and intriguing vision.
Orange and yellow are a great example of how to bring modernity and playfulness to a luxury interior, as is often the request to the interior designer when designing a luxury interior. Thus, the interior design is full of spirit, personal and private, not too abstract and cold.
Symmetry is a basic principle in luxury interior design to achieve a more formal and austere atmosphere and speaks in itself of aristocracy and elegance. Symmetrical balance appears as the main technique of the interior designer in the preparation of a luxurious interior design.