Interior design of apartment in Yambol

Living room, dining and kitchen

In the modern interior design, the interior designer usually encounters open and integrated spaces, in which the kitchen, living room and dining room are integrated into a single open space. In this case, the interior design of the living room is a specific task in which the interior designer must visually connect this part of the room with other areas in the common space, but it must have its own appearance and character.
Our task, as an interior design studio, is to make this area interesting, unique in appearance and in no way identical with the other areas as interior design. At the same time, however, it must be visually connected, forming a conceptual and semantic unity in the overall open space, as very close to it are the other areas of the common space, which often in a modern home is far from spacious and spacious.
The visual connection in the interior design of the living room, which is far from great, we achieved through repeatability of colors, shapes, surfaces and textures, while introducing some individual, surprising elements that characterize each of the individual areas.

Master bedroom and bathroom

Each of the rooms is characterized by its own play with shapes and a specific atmosphere in the interior design, but is in harmony and unity with the overall concept of interior design, referring to common color schemes, textures and surfaces. Thus, in the interior design of the bedroom we again see the bricks as an element of coziness, as the same color scheme brought from the living room.

Second bedroom and bathroom

The guest bedroom is more clean as a vision in line with the budget, but with its own characteristic atmosphere, as well as in harmony with the overall interior design. And here we see certain accents such as colors and shapes that set the appearance of the space itself and give character to the interior design.

Third bedroom and a working space

Guest water closet

Floor Plan

Designer: Irena Rumen