Interior design Modern Chic

3D Project

The idea is for a small, chic, modern apartment with some classic and stylish elements. The client prefers warm and neutral tones and shades, which we have mixed with some color accents, to step out of the frame and to achieve a playful, contemporary look. Characteristic of the property are the large structural beams in the living room, which we have incorporated into the design, turning them into functional elements, namely a built-in library and a buffet, containing belongings and decoration.
The bedroom is designed with warm neutral tones that reminds of a peace, smoothness, harmony, combined with some chic elements such as the ornamental mirror, silver surfaces on the bed frame and lamps, soft velvet upholstery on the bed boards, floral motifs. Here again, we have a structural column blended with the overall design, turned into a small neat library by the window.
Designer: Irena Rumen